Accessing SCG

SCG OnDemand

SCG OnDemand is a web-based interface to SCG cluster resources. OnDemand offers terminal, file manager and editor and GUI access to an SCG desktop session and GUI applications right from a web browser.

SSH (Terminal)

From the terminal application of your choice, ssh to with your SUNetID username and password,


Data Management

Data can be moved in and out of SCG with a number of tools/methods.

For more information see Managing and Moving Data.


Environment Modules

SCG uses modules to manage software not installed into the base operating system image. Basic usage is shown below:

Command Description
module avail List available software
module load APP/VERSION Load APP/VERSION into working environment
module unload APP/VERSION Remove APP/VERSION from the working environment
module purge Remove all loaded modules from working environment

Slurm Job Submission

The SCG Cluster uses Slurm as it’s job scheduler, standard Slurm job scripts and commands will work, noting these SCG specific requirements:

  • SCG partitions are batch, interactive and nih_s10.
  • The batch and nih_s10 partitions require specifying --account=PI_SUNetID where PI_SUNetID is the SUNetID of the PI for the job accounting.
  • A --time= time limit must be specified.
  • SCG is limited to single node jobs, so most jobs will want --nodes=1 --ntasks=1 --cpus-per-task=N where N is the number of cores for a multithreaded application.