Is --account=... required?

All jobs ran on SCG get charged to an account, in some cases for real money and in others just for tracking and thus require an --account= specification. There are a number of ways to set this for jobs:

  • sbatch/srun/salloc command line option: --account=default|PISUNetID|ProjectID
  • In the job script: #SBATCH --account=PISUNetID|ProjectID
  • Setting a default in your $HOME/.bashrc: export SBATCH_ACCOUNT=default|PISUNetID|ProjectID
    • Note: SBATCH_ACCOUNT Will be overridden by job script and command line values, if they are used.

For all partitions ‘’‘except’‘’ interactive, use the PISUNetID or ProjectID to which the job should be charged. For most people the only available option is a single PISUNetID for the lab/group they are a member of, but those who work across several lab or projects will need to keep closer track of the account to be charged.

For the interactive partition there is no charge for usage and so the default account should be used.

I already submitted a bunch of jobs but put in the wrong account, how can I fix this?

Not a problem, simply run for each pending JOBID:

scontrol update jobid=JOBID account=default|PISUNetID|ProjectID

If your job has already entered the running state you will need to kill it (scancel JOBID) and resubmit to change the account.

How do I know what accounts I can submit with?

A utility has been provided to list the details of your SCG cluster account, try scgwhoami, for example:

[griznog@smsx10srw-srcf-d15-37 ~]$ scgwhoami 
SCG Account Information
       Real Name: John Hanks
        username: griznog
       uidNumber: 325892
           $HOME: /home/griznog
   primary group: upg_griznog
       gidNumber: 3772
secondary groups: scg-admin,scg-users,scgpm-informatics_wu,scg_cluster_users,scg_lab_joewu,scg_cluster_admins,scg_cluster_apps,scg_prj_clinical_service,scg_prj_gbsc

Available SLURM Accounts