Requirements to Get an SCG user account

To get an account on the SCG cluster, you need to have two things:

  • A SUnetID (a base-level one is fine)
  • An affliation with a lab which is already on the cluster

If you need an SUnetID, you may request a sponsored SUNetID by applying on the Stanford University Accounts website and then asking an SCG-affiliated PI or project owner to sponsor the request. Base-level sponsored SUnetIDs (without email or AFS storage) are sufficient and are free to sponsor.

PI/Lab Affiliation

If your lab has no current affiliation with the SCG cluster, please send an email to the SCG Action Team to receive information on how your lab can set up access to the SCG cluster.

Service Tiers and Rates

There are two service tiers for a PI/Lab affiliation with the SCG cluster:

Tier Storage Quota Compute Node Access Compute Partition Access
Free 128 GB limited (but includes UV_300) interactive, nih_s10
Full 7 TB + all nodes (includes UV_300) batch, interactive, nih_s10

There is no charge for the Free Tier access to SCG.

For Full Tier access, rates are:

  • $30.45 / month for the minimum storage allotment of 7 TB
  • $4.35 / TB-month for storage beyond initial 7 TB quota
  • $0.06 / core-hour for batch partition usage (all other nodes are free)

User Accounts

People with SUnetIDs can request SCG cluster accounts by sending an email to the SCG Action Team with the PI CC’d in the email.


For projects that span multiple PIs, have dedicated project funding, or other special requirements which don’t fit well within a PI associated lab account, a special project can be created. Projects are set up on a case by case basis around the specific needs and requirements for each one. Mail the SCG Action Team to request setting up a project.