SCG Slack Workspace

The primary means of communication around the SCG cluster is the SCG Slack Workspace. Anyone can join the workspace using their Stanford SUNet login.

Here are the SCG channels of interest:

Channel Name Description
#scg-users A space for people to ask general questions about SCG usage, applications, problems, …
#scg-announce Place where SCG related announcements are made. Outages, maintenance, configuration changes, seminars, related services, …
#scg-office-hours SCG office hours happen every two weeks, in this Slack channel. Hours are announced in advance at #scg-announce.
#scg-software-requests A place to ask for software to be installed on SCG.

If you are already part of the SCG Slack workspace, you can access it by going to

If you have never joined the SRCC Slack workspace, things are a little more complicated. The SRCC Slack is part of the Stanford Slack Grid. If you have never used the Stanford Slack Grid, you should follow the process documented in HelpSU. In Step 5, instead of searching for a specific person, you should search for a specific workspace. Search for, and join, the workspace SRCC Users

If you have used the Stanford Slack Grid before, here is what to do:

  1. Browse to If you see a green button that says “Sign in with Stanford”, click on it.

  2. Log in through Stanford Login, with your SUNetID and password.

  3. The next page will say “Workspaces at Stanford University”. In the search box, type srcc and press Enter. You should see one result, which is our workspace. Click on “View Details”, and then “Join”.

Once you have finished the join process, you do not need to do it again. In the future, you will be able to access the SRCC Slack with the direct link:

SCG Announce Mailing List

The SCG Announce mailing list is a low traffic list intended for major outage notice, office hour session and other SCG related announcements that are of interest to the entire SCG community. You can subscribe here.

Note that the #scg-announce channel in the SCG Slack Workspace will have these announcements plus additional details that impact subsets of SCG users and is the more complete and up-to-date location to get SCG announcements and updates.

SCG Action Mailing List

Questions, probelms and requests can be sent to the SCG Action Mailing List. This list is seen by the SCG development teams and the sysadmins and messages sent here will automatically create a ticket with the Stanford Research Computing Center.

Although the SCG Slack is a good first place to ask questions and make requests, for some requests we will ask that you send an email to the mailing list. Examples include new lab members, changes to storage quota, and similar things where we need an audit record of the request.

SCG Office Hours

SCG also holds bi-weekly office hours open for walk-in questions. These are announced on the SCG Announce mailing list and in the SCG Slack #scg-announce channel.